In-person projects

RPI conducts In-Person Projects both at our home office in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and throughout the United States. In-person projects are typically higher pay than online projects and therefore require more time from you.

In-Person Projects last anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on the type of project. As a RPI participant, you will observe presentation and provide your thoughts and opinions through questionnaires and focus group discussions.


Typically a full day is 7:00am until 6:00pm and the first hour to two hours consists of a project orientation as well as initial paperwork. However, each of our projects is different and range in length and format.

Over the course of the day, you will have breaks to walk around or use the restroom. We do not allow participants to leave the facility over the course of the project because of the tight schedule of all our projects.


Payment for in-person projects will be in the form of a check. You will receive your payment upon completion of the project (typically same day) or on a weekly basis depending on the project type.

Participants that receive over $600 in compensation (in any fiscal year) will be required to complete a W-9 form. An RPI representative will provide you with this information when you are contacted and screened for a project.

What to Bring

Bring your driver’s license or state-issued ID with you to the project. We provide pen and paper for note taking. We encourage you to bring a book or magazine for any downtime during the project.

We provide meals depending on the project length. If you have special dietary needs or preferences, please always bring your own food and essentials with you.

What to Wear

We ask that our participants wear casual business attire to all our projects. We ask that you refrain from wearing jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes, flip-flops, or hats. However, we do not turn people away because of their attire.

How it Works

Majority of our projects require that you live in a certain area to be eligible for a particular project. RPI must comprise its groups based on the demographic composition of the population of the area the project is being conducted. RPI also strives to comprise its groups with diversity. There is a screening process for all in-person projects which is done over the phone by a RPI representative.

RPI typically schedules more participants than what may be needed for the full project. If you are not selected at orientation, day of the project, to complete the full project you will receive a portion of the full payment for your time. You will be provided with this information beforehand when you are called and screened for a project on the phone.